10 Easy Hairstyles With a Straightener

Many women use straightening tools just to straighten the hair only. Although this straightener can be enabled to organize hair into various styles

Those days when you had to decide whether you straighten your hair mainly because of the damage that is used to cause to the look of your hair are far off gone. The modern hair straighteners in the market are currently made which features that will protect your hair from the heat with also high-tech irons. These irons work to protect your hair as well as add shine to your hair.

This article shows various ultra-smooth celebrity styles which are straight or wavy giving you a very gorgeous look and make you stand out among many.

10 Clever Ways with Use Your Straighteners

Hair Straightener is a many women’s flagship hair tool that is usually used for straightening hair. In addition to function to straighten, there are still many other hairstyles that can be obtained only by using this tool. Do you have a try? Let’s see the following ways!

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1. Messy beach waves

This style takes large vertical areas as you work away from your face. Tilt your straightener in an untidy beach style with a part of the roots that start its lower part upwards. You then twist the straightener at 360 degrees angle focusing on the downside. For the top sections of the hair, you start at the cheekbone level. When finished with this first part, you then rough it up with your finger for messy texture.

2. Vintage waved

You do not sweep the waves with this style, but instead, brush the waves and spray the dressing brushes using the sparkle spray. To hook it up into one, it’s done with the main agenda.

3. The Glamour curl

To cheat a bouncy blow-dry as a means to achieve a hair straightener style, you need a glamour curl. Then rotate your hair straightener and start from root up to 360 degrees then you drag it slightly upwards to queue the source. You then take the brush down through with a paddle brush.

4. Crimped waves

In this style you plaint various random sections of your hair which runs from top to the near-tip and leaving a root drag of about 1-2 inches. You then clamp the plait tightly to flatten it and later unravel each plait.

5. Polished pony tail

This style involves created polished flicks in the ends of your hair in random sections and in different directions. It ends up making your hair matte and with sea salt spray for a dual texture which is against the shiny root.

6. Grungy bends

A hair straightener style that involves large random sections where you clamp your straightener and turning your straightener 180 degrees bringing it down at least 2 inches. Last rubbing the tip by massaging the hair in the root section to give it a slightly rough texture

7. Soft retro curls

Unlike the other hair straightener styles which are done vertically, this involves horizontal sections. The hair is then rolled around two fingers from the end to the top.

8. Matte bangs

These are made by flat ironing your hair with a narrow iron. After this process, you then spray them with a dry shampoo so that you counteract the shine brought about by heat styling.

9. Long straight drama

This is a hair straightener style if you love going sleek.it is very popular with the thicker haired ladies and more so the lightweight plats in the wide salon straighteners make easy styling.

10. Carefree curls

This style comes about when you curl your hair with a flat-iron. It also presents more natural-looking curls and which adds up more volume.

Styling your hair is thus very easy and makes you have the best and different look occasionally especially with your natural hair. You thus have to that you have clean hair which is dry and it has to be brushed before using a flat-iron.

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