7 Best Tips When Using Hair Straightener if You Hair Straightening

While talking about Hair Straightening, it is very much important to know about your hair first and which type of straightener is best for your hair. From the list of best hair straightener 2019, you can select the product which suits you the most. There are lots of hair straighteners there one can choose to be the right one. Hair straighteners come in different sizes and qualities. We will jump off to the valuable tips for the subject.

7 Tips Should Be Applied When Using A Hair Straightener.

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1. Using a Protective Spray And Use of Shampoo

First things first do not forget to use a heat protectant spray before using a hair straightener and do not set it on 365 degrees heat channel because it can dry or break your hair. Use of shampoo or a conditioner is essential if you want to have a straight or sleek hair, use products that can do straightening and moisturizing, after bath dry your hair with a gentle towel in sections and avoid ruffling your hair do it smoothly and gently.

2. Using Oil or Serum

Use a heat-protective oil or serum before using a hair straightener because it can spread easily into your hair but do it while your hairs are wet, in this regard Moroccan oil or coconut oil helps in the straightening process. Before using hair straighteners dry your hair as much as you can because it will help the straightening to work a lot faster and will prevent any breakage of your hair.

3. A Puffed Hair Adjustment

If you are blow-drying your hair use it downwards to your hair while encouraging the hair to dry straight, and if you have a puffed hair set your dryer to the lowest heat level, it will prevent it from puffing even after.

4. Arrange and Use of Pins

Now divide your hair into many sections, these sections depend on the thickness of your hairs. The main theme is to set your hair into a theme of thickness because then the straightening process will work like a pro. You can use a pin on the different sections which you don’t want to get straight, you can also pin your hair on the head or shoulders to start the straightening process.

5. Placing the Machine

Place your machine as close to the roots of the hair as to avoid any burning. This will ensure that the machine will start working an inch from your scalp. Brace the iron down to touch it both sections while your hair rests in between them.

6. Do not Be Too Forced

To be perfect do not clamp it too forcibly because it can create an eminence on the portion you are straightening and be sure not to hold the machine too long in the same spot as it will create promontory in your hair. Now run the flat iron down to the roots of your hair while your motion of hand should be steady from head to roots. And again do not hold the iron in the same spot for too long because it can execute an undesirable result and can fold your hair.

7. Run Straightener according to a thickness

Run your straightener several times on the hair as it depends on the fact about the thickness of your hair but be sure to do it again and again, it will also determine the capability of your machine as to how much it’s worth it, and if you feel any smell don’t get scared it’s wiping out the remaining moisture on your hair. After the process of straightening is done unclip your straight ones from the non-straighter ones and brush every portion of the hair you straighten. Apply a hair spray or oil immediately if you see your hair got prone to frizzy.

Tips Another

  • Try to straighten them in a different direction than normal to make them a lot more quantity if you have bangs. If as long as these bangs are constantly skewed to the left, attempt drawing it to the right utilizing the tools, then returning the left side.
  • Be patient. Straightening the hair with no rush will yield a more maximal and satisfying outcome.


Don’t every day a straighten your hair As much as the number of vitamins and conditioners that you use, using the tools every day still will threaten the health of your hair.

When using hair straightener you must be careful.
note: Using it too close to your scalp is prone to injure.

Please go through these simple and useful tips and if you feel these adequate and be sure to apply them. And all the readers are welcomed to get further valuable information at https://blogbytravis.com

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