8 Essential Pieces of Home Gym Equipment for The Perfect Home Gym

Creating the perfect home gym within your house encourages you to exercise even in the most awful weather and can save you a fortune on gym memberships. In fact, if you choose the right equipment you’ll find that it isn’t very expensive at all to get fit.

Don’t believe us? Check out these 8 essential items of home gym equipment you can buy for less than $1500—total:


1. Exercise bands

This often overlooked piece of home gym equipment is essentially a massive rubber band which generates resistance as you pull it in a certain direction. You can create countless exercises with a high quality pair of thee and because they’re so small you can use them literally anywhere, even in a tiny apartment or on the road. Oh, and a good pair should cost you less than $60.

2. Adjustable dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells use a special knob or clip that is usually twisted to adjust their weight. These are usually cheaper than an entire set of regular dumbbells AND they take up less space, among other benefits. What could be better? Well, the price! Expect to spend less than $100 on these.

3. Exercise mat

Exercise mats are essential for comfortable stretching and for many different types of exercise, particularly exercises that use your own body to create resistance. A good one will cost you $40-50 and last for several years.

4. Pull up bar

When it comes to home gym equipment you can’t get much simpler—or much more effective—than a good old fashioned pull up bar. These can be set up just about anywhere you can find a doorway and a high quality one shouldn’t cost you more than $35.

5. Exercise ball

An exercise ball might not seem like it’s good for much but it is actually great for a variety of core stabilizing exercises. This helps you improve your balance, strengthen your abs and prevent back injuries. You can usually find a good one for $30-50.

6. Barbell

If you really want to build your upper body strength, there is no substitute for a good barbell that allows you to easily adjust the weight as you grow stronger. These can go for as much as $300 but it’s usually pretty easy to find a used one for as little as $160.

7. Rowing machine

Becoming fit means working on your cardio regularly and investing in a good cardio machine is a great way to round out your home gym, especially if you live somewhere with really cold winters. Unlike other cardio machines, a rowing machine actually works on all your major muscle groups, making it the obvious choice. Be prepared to spend $400+ on a decent rowing machine. The really high-end rowing machines can cost over $1500 but are a lifetime investment.

8. Foam roller

These wonderful round contraptions are designed to actually massage your legs as you use them. They’re a great way to soothe and stretch your muscles after an intense workout. You can spend anywhere from $30-75 on a good foam roller and it will quickly become one of the most cherished items in your home gym.

Building an excellent home gym doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it doesn’t even require you to have a lot of space. You can build an excellent home gym in your apartment right now with these simple items. What are you waiting for?

Author Bio: Andrew Foster is a freelance health and fitness writer, a contributor to regularityfitness.com. Andrew’s goal is to positively impact thousands of people by helping each reader learn one new healthy piece of information from every article he writes.

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