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Golf has been a favourite sport for people of all backgrounds, and the easy rules, as well as the sprawling courses, provide a refreshing experience for golfers – making it a sought after sport for centuries. It is also a statement of class and playing this game is also a statement of class and stature, and doesn’t require rigorous running around and is easy and smooth to play with.

Not just that, golfing has other advantages too. You can catch up with that old friend of yours and even make new friends. Yet, apart from all these – there is another benefit of golfing that is seldom talked about – your health.


Benefits Of Playing Golf

Here are a few health benefits of this game that you probably didn’t know about.

1. Improves life expectancy

It doesn’t matter whether you love playing golf during the morning or evening. due to a wide array of health benefits, has known to substantially contribute to an improved life expectancy and improve liver function while reducing mortality and morbidity rates in populations.

2. Helps you get exposed to nature

The main prerequisite for playing a golf game is a course that should be sprawling to at least 200 acres of land area. The surrounding natural environs and fresh air will relax you and give you an opportunity to breathe that fresh pure air and be in a peaceful surrounding.

Also, you stand to receive an adequate amount of Vitamin D and the soothing environment will prove to be a great stress buster. This is known to reduce several health risks like cardiovascular disease, stress related disorders and some kinds of cancers.

3. Makes your bladder stronger

The golf course is a large area, so you’re going to be very far from the nearest washroom. So you would really require to hold your pee until you get done with your game. Coupled with that, the generous supply of beer, which is a common beverage for golfers worldwide will further train you to hold your pee.

This scenario will make you exercise your bladder more, further distending and strengthening it. Golfing also helps strengthen and tone your leg muscles, particularly your quadriceps and also maintains your core strength and integrity.

4. Improves your stamina

Golf can help you improve your endurance and stamina. In the present trends of a highly sedentary lifestyle, we are unable to cope up with increased workloads and responsibilities as we no longer have strength go physically exert ourselves. Hence we’re tired more often. A game of golf at regular intervals effectively addresses this problem and helps you build your stamina as there’s physical work involved and you won’t even feel the strain as it is a very light game.

5. A healthier heart!

Golf will keep your heart healthy too. Known to accelerate heart rates significantly, the whole drill of the game, along with the long walking routine and swinging motions are really good for heart health, pumping more blood and accentuating your blood circulation while saving you from bad cholesterol subsequently preventing incidences of coronary artery disease.

6. Great for the brain!

With a significant amount of the population predisposed to disorders like Alzheimer’s and Dementia, And this comes the as good news. The accentuation in heart activity will enhance the blood-brain barrier and increase blood influx to the brain thus stimulating your nerve endings and synapses.

Moreover, the whole concept of golf involves a review and improvement of your performance. So getting a good score will enhance your confidence levels, significantly reducing your stress levels. And your operational and cognitive skills are also improved considerably because of the whole process of score calculations, hand-eye coordination and more.

7. More walking means lesser fat!

You may not realize it but you really have to walk a long distance when playing and you might not even realize it. It’s not a small deal to walk over almost 200 acres of property. This will significantly burn calories, and the whole activity of carrying your golfing gear to use of swinging motion for the shots will significantly help you lose those extra pounds in the easy breezy way.

8. Get better eye function!

Because the game of golf involves a tiny ball spread over a large area, your eye function is significantly improved. Your eye muscles will exercise themselves more to visualize that ball situated at a considerable distance from you, so you will further enhance your precision and visual acumen. Moreover, your hand-eye coordination is significantly improved.

Playing Golf – Leading a New Lifestyle

Golf is an ideal game for people who are not physically predisposed to high exertion sports. For people with back injuries, heart disease, and other health conditions, Golf is ideal. It will reduce your risks of musculoskeletal injuries and is a low exertion, light game that involves more brain work and precision that will still keep you in motion so you will maintain your health without any adjoining health risks.

Golf is also a great option for people with insomnia and sleep troubles. Your body is at work, and the muscles will get used along with the brain being very active, so you’ll be sleepier at night and your circadian rhythms will be corrected. You will get deep sleep for a longer duration and will further help in rejuvenating body and aiding ineffective and rapid cell turnover necessary for a healthy body and mind.

And did we tell you that you would be happier and content that ever before? Golf helps move you away from a stressful work and refreshes you. Moreover, your interpersonal skills are significantly enhanced and you’re closer to nature, which naturally serves as a stress buster.

You will also spend more time with friends and close ones so you will feel more relaxed and happy. In any case, exercise and physical exertion greatly contribute to the release of endorphins and feel-good hormones which help you battle your health and emotional concerns more effectively.

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