Dangers of Abdominal Fat -This is The Solution


Abdominal fat dangers don’t just involve straining your belt or hanging over your jeans. Although the fat that deposits itself all over your body is not particularly healthy, it is the excess belly fat that creates the most risks.

People use to think that it only covered up your six pack abs and hung around the abdomen waiting to be burned off as energy. But fat around the abdominals can dramatically increase your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even some cancers.

Despite the abundance of scientific studies over the years, scientist are still not sure why abdominal fat is dangerous or why people with large bellies are target for disease. They do know that fat cells around the midsection release huge amounts of fatty acids which can disrupt a persons insulin and blood sugar levels.

There are Two Types of Fat That Can Be Found in The Belly:

Subcutaneous Abdominal Fat

this is the fat found directly under the skin on top of the abs muscles. On its own, it can have some health risk but it is the visceral fat that is considered to have the most serious abdominal fat dangers.

The Visceral Abdominal Fat

This lies deep in the abdomen and surrounds the internal organs like the liver and the kidneys. It is linked to high cholesterol, high insulin levels, and high blood pressure. It also secretes more inflammatory molecules that can be linked to other more serious diseases such as cancer.

Belly Fat Risks

People with large bellies lose sensitivity to insulin. Insulin helps the body burn energy and when the body doesn’t respond to it, it produces more insulin which throws your bodies hormones off balance.

This type of insulin resistance often impacts the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. It is also the main factor in high blood pressure and high bad cholesterol level, the two main ingredients for heart disease. That’s why they call it Abdominal Fat Dangers.

Abdominal Fat Measurement

The size of your waist says more about your health than any other means to measure obesity such as the BMI (body mass index) and your hip to waist ratio.

So all you need is a tape measure to find out if you are at risk of abdominal fat dangers. Simply wrap the tape around your belly, it should be just over your hip bone. Keep it tight but don’t let it dig into your skin. Exhale, relax and read the measurement.

For men, a measurement of over 40 inches means you are at a high risk level. For women, over 35 inches dramatically increases your risk of disease.

Belly Fat Solution

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix solution. Spot reduction is a myth and people who turn to cosmetic surgery to reduce their stomach fat do not reduce their risk for disease.

A study found that women who got liposuction removing about 30% of their body fat did not lower their blood sugar or improve their response to insulin.

Now for the good news, there is a solution that consistently reduces belly fat and helps you keep it off. The most successful approach is following a healthy low Glycemic Index diet low in saturated fats and sugar. Combined with…

Following an exercise program specifically tailored on reducing your body fat is the most important step. Even if you find yourself cheating on your diet, a good exercise program alone can trim down your waistline.

When it comes to reducing abdominal fat dangers you must realize that not any old exercise program will do.

When I started exercising with the goal of reducing my belly fat I did what the majority of people where doing. Hours of cardio in the gym along with a weight training routine I found in a magazine.

After 3 months of this I saw very little results, got discouraged, and almost quit. But then I though, their has to be a better and faster way. So I began researching and reading everything I could on exercise and fat loss.

That is when I realized that I wasn’t the problem but my exercise program was. It just wasn’t efficient enough to stimulate fat loss.

Turns out, boring repetitive cardio does very little to stimulate fat loss. Which would explain why you see some people on the treadmill every week for months and months and their body doesn’t seem to change.

And training one body part at a time also doesn’t stimulate enough of the hormones that will help burn fat and does nothing for your metabolism.

I discovered that the best and fastest way to reduce the abdominal fat dangers is with a combination of interval training and full body movements for strength training.

In fact, one study had a group of people on a reduced-calorie diet and another group on the same diet but performing interval training and full-body strength workouts called Metabolic Resistance Training.

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The group on the diet lost weight but lost very little belly fat. The diet/exercise group also lost more weight but more importantly, lost over 30% more belly fat than the other group.

What To Do Now

If you’re ready to lower your abdominal fat dangers you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The most successful approach is combining Metabolic Resistance Training and a well balanced low Glycemic Index diet. Our new Ultimate Belly Fat-Burning Guide To Six Pack Abs is based on both these principles.

If you are not sure how to start, just start with a brisk 15 minute walk every other day. Then walk a little longer and little faster every second workout.

Simply increasing your amount of daily exercises will have you on your way, faster than you think, to a flat belly.

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