Abs Diet -What Kind Of Food Should You Be Eating and Avoid


Never underestimate the importance of abs diet for optimal fat loss and gains in lean abdominal muscles.

Start by cutting out all junk food and replacing it with healthier meals. Keep all fried foods, junk food, sweets, candy, pop and processed foods to a minimum. It is especially important to eliminate sweets because sugars convert very easily into bodyfat (this includes fruit juices). Saturated fats too must be banished.

Know How to Eat. Follow an abs Diet Plan.

That means eat clean and healthy foods – lots of raw vegetables and salads and complex carbs, plenty of low fat protein, and some unsaturated fat in the way vegetable oils, plus a small amount of fresh fruit and whole grains.

Grilled skinless chicken and turkey breast are a particularly good source of low-fat protein. So is tuna fish, fresh or packed in water and Eggs. Eliminate whole milk, cheese, and pork products.

Do not go overboard on fruit, because fruit sugar (or fructose) is just sugar, and it can be converted to body fat if too much is consumed. Two pieces of fruit a day won’t give you belly fat but 10 pieces a day might. Include eating six small meals a day instead of three large ones in your abs diet.

Research shows that including small meals in your stomach diet frequently speeds the metabolic rate better than eating a few large ones. Keep portions small and nutritious, and eat every two to three hours to keep the body constantly fueled.

Here Is a Portion Guide to Help You in Your Belly Fat Diet

Lower your calories enough to lose fat, but not so much that you slow down your metabolic rate. That’s why exercise is so important, it allows you to eat more and stay healthy.

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Increasing caloric intake of “good food” to just below maintenance level will not affect the metabolism as drastically. It also gives you the energy to exercise and do cardio. Both activities speed up the metabolic rate and fat burning process even more.

You Are What You Eat … And The Abs Diet Tells All!

1. Full Fat Cheese

Shop for the low-fat, or even better, the non fat versions.

2. Margarine & Butter

In a word, “MOO!” These items ( and their substitutes) are not necessary to live or to any stomach diet. Learn to enjoy delicious bread and muffins for their own good, and try fruit spreads on your plain toast.

3. Nuts and Seeds

These are for the birds, the chubby birds! Most nuts and seeds contain more than three times as much fat as they do protein.

4. Jelly and Jam

Oh sugar, sugar. A basic recipe contains four cups of sugar to a cup and a half of fruit. A delicious alternative is a sugar free all fruit spread.

5. Whole, 2% or 1% Milk

Great for baby cows, maybe, but not for you. At 8, 5.3 and 3.8 grams of fat respectively, one cup of milk equals close to one quarter of the recommended daily allowance of fat! Give the 0% (skin milk) a try if you can’t do without milk in your abs diet.

6. Whole Eggs

If you want to include the protein but not the fat in your abs diet plan. Separate the color of the egg yolks that become fat from the white. If discarding the yolks every time is not your cup of tea, go for the ease of an egg substitute.

7. Sandwich Meats

Turkey, chicken breast, baloney! Loaded with nitrates, fat, sodium and those nifty animal by products (ground beak anyone).

8. Carbonated Beverages

With all that sodium, your begging to retain water. 

9. Avocados 

Vegetable or not, 30.8 grams of fat per avocado is a bit too rich for my blood.

10. Cookies and Cake

With the exception of a few fat free cookie choices that are sweeting with fruit juice, you should keep cookies and cake clear of your abs diet.

11. Chips

There are a couple of tasty non fat tortilla chips on the market right now, but all others should follow the cookies and cakes into the garbage pail.

12. Microwave Popcorn

Unless it’s light, and that means less than 2 grams of fat per 3 cup serving. It’s loaded with fat and nutritionally pointless. Try air popped corn, seasoned with spices like cayenne pepper.

13. Fruit Drinks

Not juices, drinks! These nutritional waste products were devised to make you feel healthy about all the artificial fruit flavoring and sugar you are consuming when you drink them . These vilains often contain less than 5% real fruit juice.

14. Dried Fruit

If you are what you eat, sugar, then this stuff will turn you into more of a gingerbread man than a man with abs of steel. All the sugar contained in raisins drives a quarter cup serving above 200 calories. They don’t really belong in your abs diet.

15. Canned Vegetables

Beside the fact that they have been boiled beyond the point of all nutrition, you can detect their poor health by their pallor and limp constitution. Some of those dusty cans were manufactored years ago. Try adding frozen to your abs diet, they are the closest alternative to fresh.

16. Oil Packed Tuna

Okay, everybody knows you should go for water packed tuna, but just to remaind you why – From 0 grams of fat per can to 15.3!

17. Ice Cream

25 grams of fat per cup and Ice Cream At 350 calories … I hope you get the picture.

18. Pork

You’ve heard the term fat as a pig? That should tell you something – maybe something like 30 grams of fat per chop. 

19. Dark Meat Poultry

Five ounces of dark meat contains 29.3 grams of fat as opposed to skinless white meat’s 3.1 grams of fat.

20. Cooking Oil 

All cooking oils contain between 13.4 and 13.6 grams of fat per tablespoon. They really aren’t necessary. Get yourself some good non-stick teflon cookware and saute your vegetables. If oil cannot be omitted from the recipe, then it’s time for a different cookbook, period.

21. Alcohol 

At anywhere from 85 to 168 useless calories, alcohol will give you more than a nice buzz. It will also give you a big, round, fat belly, and won’t that help your approach with the opposite sex.

If you are whining that you can’t get rid of this or that. Then keep it all – you are not really serious and you’ll just end up replacing half of the list you decide to part with in your abs diet plan.

However, if you really want a good abs diet and lower your belly fat, throw out every last thing on this list and replace it with a more healthy alternative. Don’t moan about the cost of pitch and replace, think of how much you’ve spent buying clothes with a larger waistband…

Ask yourself – what an abs diet plan can do for you? Wouldn’t you rather go to the beach this summer with six pack abs instead of a sweatshirt? Want a nutrition plan that is easy to follow? Our Eating For Abs nutrition plan is just that.

A Nutrition Plan and not a Diet!

The difference is it is based on the science of the Glycemic Index which means you won’t have to strave yourself or constantly be counting carbs. It also means that you will eat real foods and you probably won’t have to change your diet that much.

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