BodyBuilder Diet Guide to Healthy Weight Loss

Bodybuilder Diet – Before we discuss it, let’s look at the word diet. Most bodybuilders do not look forward to it, but it is not exactly what you think. The word diet is specified as “food and also consumes regularly given or consumed.”

So don’t be worried when you hear the word diet mentioned because you are on a diet every day. So in a feeling what you contended your last meal belongs to your existing diet, The following bodybuilder diet will involve foods and eating habits that have been established for you to get the best results.

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Bodybuilder Diet Presented

We developed your diet regimen, however, you will certainly be putting together the diet that works for you

This permits you to get more involved and choose the foods that you like to eat or that you think will be best for you. We have a complete list of foods that cover every category that you need.

As an example, protein classification has a list of meats, chicken, eggs, healthy whey protein, and so on. You get to choose which of the foods you want to eat with each meal. The foods that we have listed should be a menu that you choose from. Whether your objective is to lose weight, tone up, or have more energy, these are ingredients that will intention you get there. The goal you diet is the goal your body will be. I promise that you will feel better and have more energy.

So you are probably thinking that I am trying to tie you down for life. No, I am just giving you some guidelines to live by for 12 weeks. This bodybuilder diet will be a test of your mental strength. You have made it this far, and it is very apparent that you are ready for a change.

Bodybuilder Diet

Bodybuilder Diet Challenge

Dedicate 12 weeks of your life to see if you can make a change. See if you change your body into the one you have actually always desired. Do precisely what is outlined in this bodybuilder diet, and you will be successful. You are reading this page, so it is evident that you are ready for some kind of change. The time for change is now; you are about to be presented with a bodybuilder diet that is an excellent tool to help you reach your goals. So let’s do it!

Bodybuilder Diet Food Index

Chicken BreastCottage Cheese**EggsHalibut
HamLean Ground BeefLean MeatEAS Myoplex
TunaTurkey BreastWhey ProteinYogurt
Complex Carbohydrates   
Baked PotatoBaked beansCereals- Whole GrainCorn
Corn TortillaCrackersCream of wheatFlour Tortilla- 8 inch
Low fat chipsPasta- cookedSmall PancakePlain Popcorn*
OatmealRice (not minute)Rice CakesRye Bread**
WafflesWhole wheat bread**Yams
Alfalfa SproutsAsparagusBeetsBroccoli
Brussels SproutsCabbageCarrotsCauliflower
CeleryCucumberEggplantGreen Peas
Leaf LettuceMushroomsOnionsTomatoes
Apple ApricotBananaBlueberries
Honeydew melonMango OrangePeach
PearPineapple PlumRaisinsRaisins

* Indicates the food should be fat free or low fat.

This menu will be a guide for you when you start your 12-week bodybuilding diet. I have listed some morning, afternoon, and evening meal ideas at the end of this page. So if you get stuck and don’t know what to eat, there are a few suggestions that will give you some meal ideas.

Bodybuilding Diet Main Points

  • You are dieting right now. A diet regimen is “food as well as a drink regularly offered or eaten.”
  • No one is perfect, but give an honest effort to try this bodybuilder diet for 12 weeks, and you will be pleased with the outcome.
  • These foods above will be included in your plan.

Bodybuilder Diet – Getting Your Desired Body

When bodybuilders think of dieting, they think about losing weight. They think about a trimmer waistline and having more energy. What most bodybuilders don’t know is that a big part of weight control is your metabolism. There is a reason that young kids can drink 10 soft drinks a day, eat nothing but cookies, and still not gain weight. Their higher metabolism is the primary factor that affects their weight. So, a high metabolism would keep you from gaining weight, whereas a low metabolism would prevent you from losing weight. If you want to lose weight, you need to raise your metabolism

There have been studies that show after we reach the age of 30, our metabolisms start dawdling down. This is why it is much more challenging to stay in shape as we grow older. So what does this imply for you?

You have to change some things and work slightly harder to keep your body in shape unless you are young. The foods you eat, as I am sure you know, have a significant bearing on your physique. Our concentration will certainly be to change your diet plan a little. The bodybuilder diet that is presented here is more easygoing than others are. Instead of telling you how many calories a day you must eat or what you must-have for each meal, I have set up boundaries to guide you through your day.

These new boundaries will help contest the effects of a slower metabolism, help you lose unwanted fat, and keep or gain more muscle. The even more muscle you have, the much better your body will look. This is why it is a good idea for you to keep track of your body fat.

Bodybuilder Diet – Quality

So let’s say that you have been on a diet for 1 week and you haven’t noticed any weight loss, and you have no energy. Every hour is just a hungry daze, and you are not able to focus. The explanation for this is straightforward, you don’t have a quality diet. In other words, your body is being deprived of crucial nutrients, and it is starving.

If you are to attempt a diet, you must do it correctly by eating the appropriate foods. This is where the – Bodybuilder Food Index – comes into action. The foods on this menu may not seem as appetizing as you are used to eating, but the training cycle is only 12-weeks long. Also, remember that you only have to diet 6 days out of the week. On the seventh day, you get to eat anything you want.

Bodybuilder Diet – Quick & Sudden Weight Loss

If you go on a miracle diet and lose 10 pounds in a week, what do you think happens? The weight you lost was most likely muscle rather than fat. Studies have shown that for every 10 pounds you lose, 6 pounds is muscle. The goal is to lose fat, not muscle. Therefore, to counteract this statistic, we have to eat correctly and exercise

If more muscle is lost than fat, I can assure you that you will gain that weight right back and plus a few pounds. The muscle in your body plays an important role in burning off surplus fat and calories. Hence, if you are losing more muscle than fat, you are going to be in trouble. The diet planed will make sure that you lose the fat weight and keep the good muscle weight.

Bodybuilder Diet – Portions

When you eat your six meals daily, you will be eating a portion of healthy protein and also carbs with each meal. estimated A portion is about as big as from your fist. A portion of carbohydrates for me would be a large apple. A portion for anybody who is smaller than me would be a small apple. It’s a simple concept; the bigger you are the bigger your portion will be.

Bodybuilder Diet – Lifestyle

Since this bodybuilder diet is new to you and you clearly want to change, there are going to be some obstacles in your path, otherwise, you would already have your perfect body. Therefore, you need to think hard and figure out what is in your way.

Will you always make excuses before you going to the gym? do you put things off until it is too late to do them for this matter, or maybe you have an addiction to sweets? No matter what stands in your way, you need to identify and change that particular problem. Pick three things to change.

You need to start thinking about a few things that you need to change. Keep in mind that you can work out as much as you want, but without a proper diet, you may never see Outcomes. In addition, you may eat healthily and never see results without exercise. Diet and exercise work together; so don’t focus on just one of them.

Bodybuilder Diet – Planning

If you want this strategy to work for you, planning is going to be a significant factor. If you are trying to eat the foods that are in the menu provided, you must have them available.

Pick a day of the week to sit down and figure out what you are going to eat. My day is Sunday and every Sunday, I sit down to plan what I am going to buy at the grocery store. I make sure that I have enough food to last me until the following Sunday.

If you don’t plan, you are setting yourself up for failure. To be sure that your 12-week diet runs Easily, you have to plan for success. must keep in mind This doesn’t mean that you have always to plot out every nutrient for every meal of the week. It may just mean buying enough food to supply six small meals a day.

If you can afford a meal replacement shake like AST Ny-Tro Pro, I highly recommend that you buy a box of them. They contain all the nutrients you would get from a meal and they are very convenient.

When you are planning for the week, look at the foods I have provided in the menu and be creative. Make a taco salad or a breakfast burrito. Here is an example of one of my days:

  • Meal 1: A three-egg omelet with onions in it with two glasses of water
  • Meal 2: AST Ny-Tro Pro Meal Replacement Shake
  • Meal 3: A tasty tuna fish sandwich with two glasses of water
  • Meal 4: Precooked rice and vegetables that I prepared earlier in the week
  • Meal 5: A seasoned grilled halibut steak with fresh lemon squeezed on it to add flavor with two glasses of water
  • Meal 6: A portion of cottage cheese with a portion of sliced peaches

Note: Meal 6 should be eaten about 1 hour before bed.

It really isn’t that difficult to eat six meals a day. You just have to use your imagination. You probably don’t currently use this diet so it will take a week or two to get used to it. Once you have done this for a period of time you will have more energy and you will feel like your body has been recharged.

Bodybuilder Diet – Free Day

Once a week you are needed to relax as well as loosen up, this will certainly be called your Free Day. Your totally free day will be a break from your diet regimen and also training timetable. Eat whatever you want on this day, really… I mean eat whatever you feel like eating. If you want to eat ice cream and chocolate all day, then that’s what you can eat. If you want always to eat some fried shrimp, head on down to the Red Lobster.

This break is primarily a reward for the past 6 days of hard work. You deserve it after 6 days on a strict diet. Once you have satisfied all of your cravings and cozy all day, you will think alleviation and weight loss program won’t be a problem at all.

The best part is that you feel no guilt because you know you have earned it and that is a great feeling when you have a mouthful of ice cream, the mouthful of ice cream is a good feeling too, at least for me.

Most diets will break you, so I decided to break the diet in this body builder diet. This means less stress for you and something to look forward to every week.

Body Builder Diet Overview

  • Metabolism performs a huge position in controlling weight, exercise raises your metabolism and is helping you stay fit.
  • The quality of your program will decide how good your results are.
  • If you lose 10 pounds in one week, over 60% of the weight loss was likely to be muscle loss and not fat that was lost.
  • Be creative and six meals a day will be simple and delicious.
  • You will be required to take one day a week off from dieting and weight training. This break will be a reward for the past 6 days of hard work.
  • A part of the food is about as large as your hand.
  • If you plan for success, you will be successful.

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