Healthy Meals On the Go – 6 Tips For Busy People


Healthy meals are the food we consume should contain many of the nutrients needed by our bodies. Our bodies require a wide range of nutritional sources to continue to be healthy, and the growth can go perfectly. One of the requirements of healthy meals, namely to have proper nutrition, balanced, and certainly clean. The balance of healthy eating is food that contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

We can consume a variety of healthy meals without being confined to one type. By consuming various kinds of foods that can provide different nutrients, the nutritional results required by the body can be fulfilled.

Healthy Choice Meals On the Go

I have absolutely no time for a sit-down dinner tonight, let alone prepare one! My schedule has me going from work to singing lessons and then off to a concert. I still need to eat dinner, though.

We all have hectic schedules sometimes.  But instead of making a run to the fast-food drive-through for convenience’s sake, why not grab something from home?  Believe you can get cheap healthy foods options in the same house fast and the comfort.

You can still make healthy meals choices even on those crazy days when you don’t have a minute to spare. 

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Super Quick Options for When You Need to Be Out the Door NOW:

  • Bag of mini carrots, a tub of hummus
  • Brown rice or oatcakes and cheese (Laughing Cow, pre-sliced low-fat cheese, or string cheese)
  • Whole-grain crackers and beef or turkey jerky
  • Whole-grain crackers and cottage cheese
  • Almonds and an apple and/or orange
  • Tuna pouch and pita bread (A flavored tuna pouch works well in this case.)

These literally grab and go.  They provide both protein and a complex carb, which will help satisfy and sustain. No assembly required, and you don’t even need utensils.  Quick, healthy, and easy! When You do have those extra 60 seconds,

Try One Of These Easy Options For Healthy Meals:

  • Cereal or muesli and milk in a plastic container.
  • Spread natural peanut butter on a whole wheat tortilla.  Place a banana in the middle.  Roll it all up together.
  • Wash a handful of grapes and berries. Put them in a container. Pour yogurt on top (or keep it separate).
  • Make a sandwich with whole-grain bread and whatever lean meat, low-fat cheese you have. Squirt some mustard on the bread, and add lettuce and sliced tomato in there too if you can.
  • Put whole grain tortilla chips in a microwave-safe container; sprinkle low-fat cheese on top; microwave for 30 seconds; top with salsa. Don’t forget a napkin!
  • Blend together 1 ½ cup milk, a scoop of whey or soy protein powder, a dash of cinnamon, and a banana or handful of blueberries in a blender; pour in a portable mug.

All of these choices should take just a minute to prepare, but you can add additional yummy and healthy ingredients if you have even just a few extra minutes to spare.

One of the best ways to make sure you have healthy meals and delicious on-the-go is to prepare ahead of time

As I mentioned in the past, planning and organization is your friend. This is especially important if you consistently keep a busy schedule. You will have greater meal options with a little planning and less temptation to grab that candy bar or buy those artery-clogging fries.

Tips To Consider When Preparing Healthy Meals On The Go:

  • Divide leftovers into individual containers.
  • Freeze serving-sized meals for use on hectic days.  Just microwave the meal in its container and go! 
  • Have a portable cooler or decent-sized lunch bag on call at all times.
  • Keep a stash of napkins and plastic ware in your car, backpack, briefcase, or purse.
  • Chop vegetables in advance and place them in baggies.
  • Slice cheese and meats ahead of time. 
  • Wash fruits ahead of time (unless prone to mould, like strawberries).
  • Keep a few boiled eggs in the fridge for quick protein or turn them into egg salad for sandwiches.
  • Pack your grab and go meal the day before when you know, you’ll be busy the next day. 
  • Have transportable yet healthy meals handy, like some of the options mentioned in the above lists.

OK, I’ve got my meals planned, my lunch packed, and my dinner within easy access for my brief stop at home later in the day.  I’m set! 

Now… did I remember to bring along the right sheet music for my singing lesson????

Do you have other healthy, super quick meal ideas? What do you do when you have to rush out the door (but still need to eat)?


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