How To Gain Weight Fast – The Complete Guide in-depth Article


I sort of touched on this subject in the article on how to gain weight fast with high-intensity bodybuilding, but I wanted to do a much more in-depth article, one that will really cover all the bases. An article that really is going to allow you to be in no doubt that you CAN gain weight fast, and not just fat, but muscle.

For many skinny people, they are known as a Hardgainer in bodybuilding circles. I am one of them. If you are a person who has always been thin, doesn’t have a ton of muscle, and can eat what you like, they you should count yourself amongst the lucky few. With obesity levels rising so dramatically you are at least in the favorable position of being able to start in a positive light. i.e no trying to transform a physique that is going to involve severe calorific reduction over an extended period of time.

So, to start with, count yourself lucky.

Weight gain techniques for skinny people are numerous, but it comes down to a few factors at the end of the day. Learn how to build muscle, and how to eat properly. In the article linked to at the beginning of this one, I gave the recipe for a good quality shake that will pack on the pounds, so I won’t repeat it here. But what I do want to emphasize is that you simply need to stop thinking about the fact that you are eating more than other people, and still not gaining weight.

It is what it is. Some people can look at a french fry and gain weight, others could eat a sack of potatoes and not put on a pound. Such is life, and such is the variety of body types that we all have. It would make for a boring world if we were all the same.

Best Ways To Gain Weight Fast

In the previous article, the emphasis was on high-intensity weight training, and it still is. Follow the routine to build muscle, read the training program for mass gains, and perform it as often as you can. If you can add weight to the movements then you are training just right. In the beginning, this could mean training every other day. The more training you do the more muscle you will put on. If you don’t train, and train hard, then the weight that you put on will be fat. And you may as well stay skinny rather than just end up fat.

You may have come here simply looking for an eating program, and I will certainly get into that later on, but the fact is that without a decent program of resistance training you are not going to look much improved unless you are severely underweight and just need to fill out a little. But you will still find that if you combine the eating program with the training program the results will be much better.

Stimulating The Appetite

This is one of the reasons, apart from muscle gain, that I recommend the abbreviated training program along with a sound eating program. If you want to know how to stimulate the appetite then weight training is the key. It works like nothing else. Read the workout routine and also read the rest-pause training guide, you will not believe the results you will get.

Working out with heavy weights for leg work is going to make you so hungry that you will feel like a different person. It is going to make such a difference to how you both look and feel, and the hunger that you have, that your body will have no other recourse than to add weight to your frame.

Not easy though is it?

This is not a way to gain weight Fast men and women that involves no work on your part. You have to be prepared to work for it. But the good news is that the training sessions are brief, normally only 3 exercises, and will be done in less than half an hour. But it is imperative that they are done on a regular basis.

If you don’t do this results will be far from optimal. The best way to put on weight is to combine strength training with eating excess calories, and this is the same for men as it is for women. Don’t neglect this, you do so at your peril.

Weight Gain For Skinny People

It is assumed that you are skinny. If you want to know:

how can I gain weight fast?

Then this is assumed. And the one thing that is stopping you from putting on the pounds is a lack of stimulus to your muscles, combined with a lack of eating. The bottom line is that if you simply cannot seem to budge the scales then you are not eating enough.

It does not matter if you currently eat what you feel is way too much food. You need to eat more, and keep on doing so until you break out of the plateau that you are in. Calories are all important, but they should always be good calories. Not just junk food or foodstuffs that contain less than optimal nutrition. i.e bread and excesses of rice and pasta.

You want to be eating the best possible food, it will make the weight you gain quality weight, and it will increase your energy levels at the same time. So don’t overlook this aspect of things.

Foods To Eat To Gain Weight Fast

So what should you be eating?

Well, add the shake into your diet as linked to in the other article on weight gain, but this is just the beginning.


You should be looking at eating a large breakfast. If you currently have a bowl of cereal or even skip it entirely it is time for a change. Switch to eggs and bacon fried in butter, add in a calorie-dense shake afterward, and you will be off to a good start.

Rather than drinking soft drinks or coffee, begin to have a glass of milk instead. Aim for drinking more milk than other drinks and you will be adding to your overall consumption.


Lunch is also a real issue for a lot of people. It often revolves around a  sandwich, or something very similar. It won’t do. You need to begin to think properly about your diet, and it may even mean preparing food the night before so you can take it with you to work, college or school.

But, this is what you need to do if you want to change the way you look. Think about taking cooked chicken with you. A large portion plus a large pasta or potato salad as well. And as large a portion size as you can possibly manage. You want to get as many calories as possible. And then finish it off with a nice large glass of milk.

Evening Meal

Again, you should be looking at eating quality foods. Don’t just eat junk food and don’t skip meals. You need to take the time to ensure that you have at least 3 high quality meals a day , and with no excuses as to why you did not accomplish this. For many thin people the root of the problem is simply that they are not in the habit of eating real food at all meal times.

Evening should be a large meal, maybe a large steak and a jacket potato, or any other large portion size of meat. Add in carbs and vegetables and the final glass of milk too if you can.

So many people find eating like this through the day a challenge to begin with, but trust me when I tell you that this will soon change. In no time at all, you will find that not only do you really enjoy eating like this, but you want more, If you feel like snacking then do so. On good food, not junk.

Eat late at night if you can as well. The more meals that you can consume the more weight you will gain fast, This all takes will power and determination. Add to this the fact that you will also be training with weights, and it is clear that you need to stay motivated and stay focused.

If you want something hard enough then you have to work for it.

Make the basis of your food intake revolve around at least 3 proper solid meals a day, with lots fo meat, cheese, eggs, vegetables and pastas.

Add to this the high calorie based shake, and drinking milk instead of anything else, and you will be much heavier well inside a month. Train hard so that the weight you gain is mostly muscle, and you are going to feel like a new person in a very short period of time.

How To Gain Weight Quickly With High Intensity Bodybuilding

In the Hardgainer Training article, I wrote the other day I talked a fair bit about how to gain weight fast true Hardgainer. Here I want to do a much more thorough job of explaining just how to put on weight if you are naturally all skin and bones just like I was. This article must be read in detail

Before I start I want to get one thing straight. If you are not going to put in some hard work along with the eating regime then you can bugger off now. If you do not perform high intensity bodybuilding along with the eating regime then you will simply turn in to a fat f**k and look just a bloody awful as you would have done if you simply hadn’t bothered and stayed skinny. That is unless you have a medical condition or an eating disorder ans simply want to get to a more balanced weight in which case I apologize.

If you want to know how to put on weight quickly, and learn how to build muscle, but look good and get much bigger muscles then I welcome you to stay and have a read before you go and get yourself a barbell kit and transform your body so that you will have loads more confidence and have women (or men) swooning at your feet (although I never did get that result somehow)!

How To Gain Weight fast without Fat

If you are a true ectomorph, i.e Skinny and without much in the way of muscle and extra weight then for a while you will have no problem with the issue of getting fat, at least at first. By simply following the eating regime you will gain weight and it will be some time before you have an issue with fat.

Trust me though, even the skinniest of guys and gals will eventually have the problem of fat, even though you may not believe it in your current condition. What I am going to outline is how you can absolutely, no questions asked, gain a lot of weight in a short period of time. To gain weight fast without getting fat you MUST exercise and to look the best your body should be trained with heavy weights Men and Women) unless you have a specific sport orientated goal in mind.

We will go into more specifics in a while but at the heart of gaining weight is simply ingesting a lot more calories. You may think that you eat an awful lot at the moment but if you are healthy and have no medical problems but cannot gain weight then trust me, you simply are not eating enough. Let’s take a look at the magic potion that will be at the heart of learning how to put on weight fast and turn our bodies into temples of desire for whatever members of the human race you wish to attract:

How To Make Weight Gain Shakes

As I stated in my previous article you need a cheap food processor. Get on the Amazon website the largest online store, you can get it from about thirty dollars or more. Don’t wait until the next day or the day after etc. Read this article and then buy a blender, you are going to need it. Or juicers are great as well. You can make lots of great protein drinks for gaining weight fast. I like the Breville BJE200XL. Take a look at it and see what you think. There is a great juicer reviews site that covers it in detail, sees the Breville BJE200XL review site for more information.

For the person wishing to gain quality weight and muscle mass in a hurry then you are going to have a real hard time consuming enough calories in the form of eating meals. You should ditch many of the drinks that you currently take and replace them with a high quality shake. Weight gain shakes are invaluable and you should buy a thermos to carry it around in wherever you go. Sip on it through the day and you will be adding a shed load of calories each and every day.

Weight Gain Shake Recipe

This is by no means set in stone. Use your imagination a little but here is a recipe I used back in the day to very good effect as a super skinny youngster who wanted to be HUGE like yesterday.

  1. 1 blender
  2. 1 pint of full-fat milk
  3. a weight gain formula
  4. a few spoons of powdered milk
  5. 2 eggs
  6. 1 banana
  7. chocolate flavouring (optional, see how it tastes)

And the desire to get it down your neck at least once a day if not twice. In reality you will gain much quicker if you buy a quality weight gain formula like the one on the sidebar but if you don’t want to then just increase the amount of powdered milk and see how it goes. Try to sip on these weight gain shakes throughout the day and maybe make one up specifically as a meal between your regular meals

How To Gain Muscle Weight Quickly

Now, if all you do is drink the shakes on top of your normal eating regime you will gain weight but it is much more ideal to also increase the number of meals that you eat. For optimum weight gain, you should be looking at a pound a week if not two. To do this you need to eat like a man or woman possessed.

Eat everything that comes in your path only sparing Dogs and Cats if they are friendly!

I am serious guys and gals you need to seriously get motivated to turn yourself in to a crazed eating machine. I turned from a very seriously skinny dude in to a guy who got his lady by having what was quoted as “A lovely Bum” by putting on a few stone in a seriously short space of time. If all I had done is eat and drink my shakes it would have been rather wobbly I can tell you.

You need to follow my How To Get Big Muscles Fast weight training routine to ensure that as you gain weight fast you are gaining quality muscle that will totally transform your body into something beautiful to behold. Just don’t turn in to one of those people who kisses their biceps at night okay? Also, read the best routine to build muscle for more information on the workout.

Adding muscle weight quickly means getting seriously motivated and working out briefly but intensely and eating like you may not be fed for a few months.


How Many Calories Do I Need To Gain Weight Fast

Impossible to say. As you begin your body transformation you will need to think for yourself and see how many calories you need. Are you gaining weight? If not add more. Just add and add until you get he desired weight gain.

For some it will be more than others, just see how it goes. Don’t go for too much too quickly as you do not want to look flabby. You need a good set of scales and you should ensure that you do not put on more than a pound or two a week. After a while you will need to make some serious adjustments to ensure that you do not get fat. This will simply be down to your body and how successful you are with your bodybuilding routine for gaining weight quickly.

Use heavy-duty leg work as the mainstay of your weight training program and you will be buying new jeans in no time and looking good.

How To Bulk Up Gain Weight

Keep eating and eating until you are sick of it. This and the weight gain shake will see you looking like a different person in a short space of time. You must train hard and properly to ensure that what you gain is mostly muscle mass although you must be aware that it will always be accompanied by a certain degree of fat.

If you want to bulk up and gain weight fast then you must accept a bit of fat as well. For super skinny dudes, this will be welcome anyway.

How To Gain Weight And Muscle

Knowing how to gain weight fast and muscle is really as basic as I have outlined it. Eat, drink, and work out like a demon. Put your heart and soul into it. Live it, breathe it and most importantly love it.

Anyone can totally transform their body to look better than almost 99% of the population. It takes bodybuilding exercises where you test your resolve and your wish to succeed and the dedication to consume huge amounts of extra calories with a muscle gain formula or a lot of less than optimal powdered link. I would get the weight gain formula and also add what I told you about in the weight gain shake.

Train hard, but train sensibly. I wrote about the trap bar and how much I believe in it so don’t ever risk using bad exercise form. You will be stopped dead in your tracks if you exercise badly and hear the dreaded “ping” as your lower back collapses and you cry just trying to get out of bed or take a pee. I am serious here, never perform any exercise unless you know how to do it impeccably, you are asking for trouble even if it is a few years down the line.

How To Gain Weight With A Fast Metabolism

My metabolism was so fast it was crazy. Just follow the directions and you will gain quality muscle mass in no time. I am not saying that you will be huge in a few months but you will look totally different. You will look like a new improved you with more confidence and a much better physique.

Train hard, train sensibly and eat like your life depended on it and you will accomplish your goals a lot quicker than you could have ever imagined.

How To Gain Weight Fast

What, that wasn’t fast enough for you?

Okay, then you will definitely need a weight gain formula. The best one is on the sidebar so go get it. Still add all the extras though and build up to very intense workouts as quickly as your body can get used to it. Train two to three times a week depending on your age and how well you recover. Your aim is to add weight to the bar each and every session.

To do this you will need to put all other physical activity on hold (well, most) and save all of your energy for eating and training and sleeping for as much time as you possibly can. You only gain muscle after your body has recovered from its workout and begins to grow to cope better with the demands you are placing on it. If you cannot add weight to the bar at least once a week then you are either training too much or you are not getting sufficient recuperation.

How To Gain Weight Fast For Women

I have not left you until last ladies, the fact of the matter is that this was not written for men. It applies equally to everyone who wants to gain muscle and body weight quickly. There is no difference in what you have to do so get to it.

I hope that his has inspired you to get going. Stay motivated, eat like it was an Olympic competition and train like a demon. 

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