How To Get 6 Pack Abs – Best Ways to Workout


So you say you want your body to stand out. Why not start by chiseling yourself a set of 6 pack abs ? Sculpting the abdominal muscles is difficult, without a doubt. In fact, the abs are perhaps the most difficult body part to perfect. One of the most obvious reasons is the difficulty of dieting off enough of the chunky belly fat and love handles to see what’s underneath there.

Blast Those 6 Pack abs

Yep, they’re there alright, but perhaps they only look like the wind on a glassy lake instead of pounding the shore like five foot swells crashing on the sands. To incite small craft warnings you must first understand how to navigate your way through a comprehensive workout. 6 pack abs don’t just pop up overnight. They’re cultivated through hard work, smart training, and dedication to only one goal… creating breakers on a surfers paradise.

Like the calves, the abdominals quickly re-oxygenate themselves after exertion. Once the pressure and tension are taken off the muscle fibers in the abs, the abdominal muscles quickly fill up again with oxygen and are recovered almost fully. So what does this phenomenon point to, and why should you care? well any muscle that re-oxygenate quickly needs different types of stimulation to maximize its conditioning.

Weight isn’t what makes 6 pack abs.

In abdominal training, this means you must do a great deal of repetitious work and keep tension on the abdominal wall at all times during your sets. Most often this type of work doesn’t require any weights. Weight isn’t what makes great 6 pack abs. What makes Them tight and rock hard is the frequency and intensity you employ in your abdominal exercises.

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Dynamite Workout For Explosive Results.

The best abdominal workout will include several exercises, and the best way to maximize development in that region is to do these exercises frequently and consistently. Exercising the abdominals once or twice a week won’t cut it. But many people find that having completed there workout, either cardio or weights, find they are too tired to do a full abdominal workout. To combat those post-workout blues, when you are just too tired to workout the abs, we suggest you do what’s called muscle prioritizing.

Prioritize your abs by training them at the beginning of your exercise routine. That way your abs can’t be left out. You probably wouldn’t skip your chest or arms workout, or your aerobics session so doesn’t even think of skipping the abs. By putting the abdominals first in your workout schedule, you are ensuring that they will be worked when you’re fresh and can devote full attention to them.

Done correctly an abdominal workout should take no more than 15 to 20 minutes. By being creative in how you construct your program, you can do supersets and giant sets a great deal of this work in getting 6 pack abs. In fact, that’s just what the abs need to stimulate growth and maturity. So try to prioritize your abdominals workout, as well as moving through it with constant tension in mind.

Anatomy Of 6 Pack Abs.

A lack of anatomical knowledge is one of the biggest factors, aside from failing to adhere to a good diet, that will keep anyone from attaining the level of 6 pack abs development he or she wants. Understanding and knowing how to base workload on strengths and weaknesses within your own structure can make the difference between average abdominals and ripped abs. If you have a naturally wide waist, then you probably won’t want to be using much weight when working out your obliques or love handles, the muscles that hold in the coveted 6 pack abs. That is just one example, and there are plenty more, but it should give you a clue as to how much you need to know and how little you may currently know about the anatomy of the torso.

The abdominal wall consists of three distinct areas in addition to the rectus abdominal, or the center of the abdominals (the 6 pack abs). The center resembles a washboard or a tortoiseshell, but the surrounding areas, those muscles which wrap around the center of the abdominal wall, are what add dimension, shape, and beauty, and which inspire awe in the total abs. The three areas which everyone seems to ignore are the obliques, the intercostals, and the serratus.

The Obliques –

AKA love handles are long bands of muscles running along each side of the torso from the midpoint of the rib cage down to the hip bone. They encase the abdominal wall as they attach from the lower eight ribs to an insertion on the side of the pelvis. The primary function of the obliques is to move the body from side to side, but they are also responsible for helping the body to twist using the torso as an axis. The exercises for love handles involve twisting, intercostals have provided benefits to them.

The Intercostals –

They are made up of two or three thin sheets of muscular tendons occupying the spaces between the ribs. They are the muscles that are found beneath the pecs and over to the side of the upper abdominal wall, lacing in just underneath the serratus. The function of the intercostals is to lift the ribs and draw them together into a protective membranous honeycomb. Many abdominal exercises, twisting movements, and crunch-twist combinations hit the intercostal area.

The Serratus –

The serratus anterior, as it is often called, is a small sheath of muscles that lies between the ribs and the scapula. It can be seen just under and to the side of the pectorals. The serratus meets the intercostal at an apex, its widest point just under the armpit. The intercostals lace underneath the serratus like folded hands. the serratus acts as a shoulder lift, rotates the scapula, pulls the scapula, and can pull the scapula down and forward. Exercises that work the serratus are usually crunched type movements that begin with a wider grip if hanging or more true side to side rotating if sitting.

The Abdominal Workout.

The abdominal exercises that are listed on my exercises for abs page are not new, but rather a sampling of what it takes to get your 6 pack abs rock hard. Remember, you must combine this abdominal workout with a good diet and some form of cardiovascular exercise for your effort to show. taking the time and effort to build ripped 6 pack abs and then disguising them under a mountain of belly fat won’t do you any good. No one will have the least idea that you put forth any elbow grease at all! And let’s face it. When we go to the gym, no matter how healthy we want to be, all of us have a bit of vanity. If we didn’t, we might not Workout at all.

All the abdominal exercises that hit specific areas within the 6 pack abs fall into the category of twist and crunches. Dividing them in this way is necessary because it will help you keep track of all the areas that make up the abdominal muscles. Further, it will assist you in making certain that the serratus is worked as much as the rectus abdominis and the love handles as much as the inercostals.

The abdominal muscles are a complex unit that must be approached with intelligence and strategy. Choose the abdominal workout you need on any given ab training day, combining as many of the muscles mentioned as you can. Do yourself a big favour and vary your schedule. The abdominals constantly need change. Variety is the key to 6 pack abs, along with frequency, duration and speed.

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