How To Get Big Arms – It’s Not Hard to Do


Let’s face it, it is what nearly all people want when they think of muscle. You want to know how to get big arms quick, you want a workout guaranteed to increase arm muscle mass, and you want some kind of secret routine that no-one else knows about. One that will give you a biceps and big arms are greater than the ordinary human feet.

Am I right?

Well, read on, but trust me, it may not be exactly what you want to hear. This is no super secret routine, but it will deliver results unlike almost anything else you may have tried.

Arm Specialization Routine

If you want big arms the first thing that you have to remember is that you should not neglect your triceps. When people think of big arms and how to get them they think of the bicep, when there is actually a lot more mass in the triceps muscle behind the bicep than in the bicep itself. And this should be exploited to our advantage.

If we can add a decent amount of muscle mass to our triceps then our whole arm is going to be a lot more impressive. When we flex a biceps pose a large triceps muscle is going to make the bicep, as well as the whole arm, look an awful lot larger.

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Here we go…!!!

This workout is going to be performed every time you do the full-body workout. Use the muscle building routine, and follow the guidelines for how often to do it. The arm specialization routine should be done every workout for no more than a maximum of 8-12 consecutive workouts. More than that and you risk actually going backward in terms of progression, as the strains you put on your body begin to build. However, it will definitely work with this one thing. Big arms here we come. Perform the leg, back, and chest work first and keep sets to a minimum, and don’t go to total failure, save that for the big arms training.

Make Giant Biceps

To make giant biceps to be proud of we are going to use some advanced arm training techniques to hit the biceps like never before.

The first port of call is a set of curls to failure. The last rep must be the absolute last rep that you can possibly do. It should be agonizing. Straight after this, we are going to use a compound movement, and negatives as well. Negatives mean that you only perform the lowering of the weight.

So, immediately after the set of curls, we are going to go to a chinning bar and jump up to the top position. We then lower to a count of 4. We are using the power of our backs to help us to take the biceps beyond the point of failure. This is known as pre-exhaustion and makes sever inroads into your ability to recover.


I recommend one of the cheap pull up dip stations, or a power rack to make training in this fashion simple and productive.

Perform 8-12 negatives. Immediately after this we are going to then pick up a much lighter barbell and pump out as many reps as we can. Ideally going for about 20 reps.

By now your biceps will be engorged with blood, pumped up, and feeling pretty much done for. but we are not finished yet, We can rest for 3 minutes and then repeat the same routine all over again.

Use a lighter weight for the curls, you won’t be able to use anywhere near the same weight. Try to aim for 8-12 reps again. Then straight onto the chins. Negatives again. Aim for as many as possible, but it likely that you won’t reach 12 this time around. If you can’t lower to a 4 count then lower to a slightly faster pace. Straight after it is time for another set of high rep curls with a lightweight.

In this bicep specialization routine, we are employing many advanced techniques. Not only are we using negatives but pre-exhaust as well. And the higher rep final set is going to help to increase the size of capillaries and veins to further increase the size and appearance of our biceps. Rest for 5 minutes then get ready for the triceps specialization routine. both routines should be performed. Remember, triceps size is just as important as biceps size.

Make Giant Triceps

To make giant triceps we are going to employ the same advanced techniques we used for the biceps workout. Pre-exhaustion and negative only training. This means you need access to some form of dip station. Either as part of a power rack or using a stand-alone system. If you have neither then you can always perform it between two chairs back to back. Or even use the kitchen worktops if they join at a right angle. Get creative or buy the equipment. A power rack is always money very well spent. Or at least a cheap dip pull up station if money is tight.

Firstly With a Barbell

We will perform overhead triceps extensions. You hold the bar overhead at arm’s length and then bend the arms so the bar comes down to the back of the neck. Get used to this exercise for a few workouts before you go heavy and use it to failure. once you have the technique down it is time for the triceps specialization routine.

Do one set to failure and then immediately move to the dips. Both sets should be for 8-12 reps. Then straight after this it is back to the overhead triceps extensions and performing a much lighter set. Just as for biceps we are going for a set of 20 reps.

You will never have felt a burn like it in your life!

Rest for 3 minutes and then do the same thing all over again. Then you have my permission to collapse on the floor for a while 😉

So, there you have it. A workout to get big arms fast. A maximum of 8-12 workouts like this will work wonders. Then go back to concentrating on the abbreviated routine and using mostly compound exercises to increase overall muscle mass.

Even whilst doing this routine you still need to ensure that you do heavy leg work. You cannot simply get huge arms if you are not growing the size of the rest of your body as well. Have you ever seen someone with giant arm muscle who does not have good muscle coverage over the rest of their body?


You can expect to add some good size by using this routine. Obviously, it will differ from person to person, but everyone is going to see some great gains. I would recommend that you read the Body Solid bicep bomber review to see if this extra bit of kit can be of help. If you don’t use perfect form during the curls then results will be less than optimal. Using the bomber helps to really focus in on the biceps like nothing else can.

But the main thing is that if you can stick to this routine, and also add weight to the bar every other workout, then at the end of the specialization period your arms are going to look a hell of a lot different to how they did at the start.

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