Inversion Table Reviews -Benefits of a for Back Pain

Many people have heard about the inversion table. It is a great cure for all the issues related to the spine. This table is considered as the best equipment for spinal decompression therapy. Therefore, it becomes a great choice for relieving lower back pain.

Inversion table is new equipment, but the solution is not new. Hanging the body in upside- down position is good for many health issues. Of course, most of those health issues are related to the spine and that’s why this is the best device to cure back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and some other health issues related to the spine.

Let’s reveal some facts regarding how an inversion table works so that you can realize how effective this equipment is.


How does an inversion table work?

Before we explain the working way of inversion table, it is important to share that inversion therapy is not one of today’s inventions. In fact, it goes back to the 400 BC.

The ancient people used to hang themselves upside down for experiencing some therapeutic benefits and that’s what adopted by the modern scientists now. The inversion therapy has been performed since the ancient time. It is an effective cure and you must try it.

You need to place your body in upside-down position, when you want to perform the inversion therapy. You can also use a bar to perform this therapy, but that would be the best option only for the athletes and young people. Most of them don’t face the lower back pain related issues.

People, who spend hours on the office bench, or work in restaurants and other places, face lower back pain problem the most. Of course, they cannot hang themselves upside-down on a bar and that’s why they need a better equipment for performing the inversion therapy.

The inversion table is that equipment, which offers the simplest and safest way of performing the inversion or spinal decompression therapy.

Inversion Table How To Use

There are several important parts that make an inversion table a perfect equipment for spinal decompression therapy. It includes a backrest, over which you can lie down comfortably. Your legs will get fixed into cushioned ankle locks, which will prevent the downfall of your body.

There will be two handgrips, which you can hold to invert the table slightly backside. A standard inversion table includes these three parts to offer comfortable therapy. You can also go for an advanced version of the inversion table, which offers ergonomic backrest, neck support, inversion angle pre-set feature, extra weight-bearing capacity and some other advanced features.

There are many good options in inversion tables. It depends on you that which kind of inversion table you find the best for daily inversion therapy.

One thing is sure that you will never experience back pain or neck pain issue if you daily perform the inversion therapy. It will take only a few minutes and you will feel revitalized.

How to perform the inversion therapy on the inversion table

Performing an inversion therapy becomes so simple, when you have an inversion table at your home. Follow below given guide to perform the inversion therapy securely at home.

Prepare yourself for the therapy

It is important to prepare everything perfectly so that you can enjoy the therapy in the safest way. First of all, set the inversion table in a room, where you can get enough space to spread, incline and decline the inversion table.

The next thing you need to do is preparing yourself for the therapy. Wear sports shoes so that you can fix your legs effectively into the ankle locks. Now stand in front of the inversion table and then lay down over the backrest. Now fix the ankle locks and other straps provided for the safety.

Start inversion

Now is the time to enjoy the inversion therapy. Use the hand grips to get your body into the horizontal position. It will feel like lying down over the bed. Now incline the inversion therapy slightly towards the backside so that you can get your body into the upside-down position.

Incline the body on 45° angle and stay in that position for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Now get back to the initial position and repeat the same process again.

Safety tips

Some individuals may find it a little weird to hang the body in upside-down position. It is completely normal if you feel dizzy. You will start feeling good after a few sessions of the inversion therapy. 3-4 sessions of 2 minutes’ inversion therapy are enough for spinal decompression.

There is no need to spend more time, if you have health issues like heart issues or other bodily injuries. You should never forget about applying the safety straps because these straps are designed to protect you.

Use the gravity to heal yourself

The inversion therapy is a proven cure for all the spinal cord related health issues. Whether you are suffering with pinched nerve in lower back, sciatica or normal back pain, an inversion table can help you in curing all of these health issues.

The gravity pulls your body towards the downside, when you hang yourself upside-down. It decompresses the spinal cord and all the essential elements in the spinal cord get in their best position. Therefore, you feel relaxed and comfortable.

The inversion table is also great equipment for core body exercises

You can also use the inversion table to get your body into an ideal shape. It is the best equipment for performing the core body exercise. You can perform exercises like inverted crunches, inverted squats, sit-ups, side crunches and stretching exercises.

All of these exercises are great for reducing extra fat of the body and building powerful muscles.

You should buy an inversion table if you often suffer from lower back pain. All the family members can use this table because gravity compresses spinal cords of every individual. It is great exercising equipment and back pain reliever device. So, try it if you want to feel refreshed and enjoy life without experiencing lower back pain.

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