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BAGAN MCA division in Penang is urging Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow to call off the Seberang Prai City Council’s (MBSP) ‘Business From Home’ business permit.

Bagan MCA publicity bureau chief Lim Jit Fong said the business permit was “not reasonable” and would suppress the development of online businesses.

He said it also put more burden on online business operators.

“During the current fight against Covid-19, online transactions are encouraged by the Federal Government.

“Online business has also become a new norm for people to survive, reduce human contact and stop the spread of infections, ” he said in a statement on Tuesday.

Lim added that he was dissatisfied with the “many unreasonable and difficult conditions” set by MBSP.

“Why is it necessary to fill in which parliament district is the applicant from?

“The frequency of licence renewal is every six months and this will cause difficulty for the applicants.

“The mandatory requirement is that only online merchants registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) can apply.

“Since they already have online business registration, why do these business operators still need to apply for the ‘Business From Home’ business permit from MBSP? Doesn’t this increase the operators’ financial burden?

“It is also misleading to question the storage of large amount of goods at home, ” he said.

Bagan MCA organising secretary Tan Ming Huan appealed to the Penang government to provide incentives and allowances to online operators registered with SSM, especially during the pandemic.

“The Penang government should support online micro businesses and boost Penang’s online economy for the people’s benefit, instead of imposing extra licence fees on home-based online business operators, ” he said.

On Tuesday, several Bagan MCA leaders handed a petition on the matter to a representative from the Chief Minister’s office in Komtar.

MBSP had earlier announced a new guideline for online business called ‘Business From Home’ for first-time online entrepreneurs so that they can get proper business permits that would allow them to open business banking accounts.

Mayor Datuk Rozali Mohamud reportedly said MBSP had prepared a special guideline for online entrepreneurs on the procedures of the permit application which must be complied with.

He had said this was to ensure that they know the procedure to apply for the permit and the terms that they need to comply with while running online businesses from home and to ensure that their business activities do not become a nuisance for their neighbours.

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