On Your Feet, Important Things You Need to Know

Sometimes, your body will be giving you slight hints that something might be wrong, and you need to know how to listen to what your body is trying to tell you; in this case, on your feet. Our feet are truly amazing, but they do not get the appreciation that they deserve.

Important Things You Need To Know About on Your Feet

We mostly take good care of our hands and other parts of our body, neglecting our feet, which is terrible. Well, if you need a good podiatrist to visit, you can check out Here or search online for other reputable podiatry clinics instead.


If you love to run and exercise, it is essential that you have regular podiatry visits

Dry, Flaking Skin

If you have dry and flaking skin around your heel or the ball of your foot, then you might want to visit your podiatrist, since that is often a warning sign of the thyroid condition. Of course, dry skin can be the cause of many other states, but this is something only your podiatrist will be able to tell you, so do not postpone that visit.

Balding Toes

Having hair on our toes is entirely natural, and that is a sign of healthy feet, but if you realize that your toes do not have any hair on them, then you might have poor blood flow. It is always a safe suggestion to visit the podiatrist and ask them about this issue since, in some cases, it might not even be a big deal.

Numb feet

This should already be obvious, but if you feel numb in on your feet, then there is definitely something wrong. Usually, numbness is caused because of the lack of blood flow, but it can also be a sign of PAD. You must visit your podiatrist on time since you might make it much worse if you wait.


Lines under your toenails or black spots

When you drop a heavy object on your toes or somebody accidentally steps on them, your toes will surely have a discoloration. That dark discoloration under your toenails is not that concerning if you know what the cause was. However, if that just appears out of nowhere, then that might be a much more significant concern than you’d think.

Often the discoloration on its own can mean toenail fungus, which can get quite nasty if it is not treated. Also, if on your feet tend to smell a lot, even after you have just washed them, that is a concern that should be discussed with your podiatrist.

Finding a good podiatry clinic today is not that hard; check out Podiatry Kensington, such as Orthotic Solutions Podiatry, or search online to find the excellent podiatry clinics that have great patient reviews. Make sure to visit your podiatrist if you feel any discomfort or pain in on your feet. Proper footwear is the key to a painless walk

Morning Foot Pain

Those who feel pain in their feet as soon as they grow up should definitely visit the podiatrist. This is not normal at all, and it can indicate a lot of problems, such as rheumatoid arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and other conditions. You must visit your podiatrist as soon as you can.

Final word

It is straightforward. If you feel any discomfort in on your feet or you just have some questions, do not hesitate to ask your podiatrist for a consultation. It is always much more comfortable to treat a condition that is caught early on than allowing it to progress. Make sure to find a reputable podiatry clinic as well, and have a podiatrist whom you can trust.

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