Shea Butter For Hair – Natural Conditioner That You Must Try

Sustaining a head full of hair is not easy, especially for those who are suffering from extreme hair loss or much worse a “hair fall illness.” To keep your hair looking slick and plentiful, you must turn towards natural elements particularly Shea butter.

You must be wondering why I have turned towards this particular ingredient. Well, benefits of shea butter for hair are numerous and once you’ll start using it, the results will be rapid and effective.

Why Choose This Natural Conditioner?

Shea butter is known as a present from Mother Nature, it works like a natural conditioner for your locks and is derived from Shea-karite tree nut, found in the tropics of East and West Africa. isn’t only profitable for hair but is great for your health and skin. To get the maximum use out of Shea butter, an unrefined one is much better, hence you’ll have to deal with its somewhat pungent scent.


Benefits of Shea Butter

Soothes Scalp and Boosts Hair Growth

If you are suffering from a dry and itchy scalp, shea butter with its Vitamin A and E richness is highly efficient in kicking off the dryness from your hair and locks in moisture to provide relief to your scalp. This cream also comprises anti-inflammatory abilities to fight dandruff and does so without leaving any greasy residue behind or clogging up pores, plus increasing hair growth in the meantime.

Provides Moisture

Have you ever heard the word “elasticity?” Well, shea butter is capable of rendering your mane full of elasticity and flexibility. It nourishes the hair from the roots to the bottom, without leaving any heavy feeling. It is a wonderful emollient and this is why, it seals the hair cuticle with moisture and hydration, throwing away all signs of brittleness and any vulnerability that may be lingering in your tresses. Since it preserves the moisture of your hair, it is another implication of protecting your hair against harsh weather conditions.

Combats Super-Dull Hair

We all do experience dull, lifeless hair once in a while and shea butter is a brilliant alternative to bring back the vivacity of your hair. Not only does it perks up flat and shine-free hair but it gives a boost to lackluster hair. It is a godsend wonder, which you must not deprive yourself of. It hails miracles for all kinds of hair anxieties. What you must do is trust its qualities and stick to a shea butter routine faithfully.

Shields against UV Rays

This cream contains a ratio of low SPF properties but those are sufficient to guard your hair against sun’s UV rays and free radicals disbanded in the atmosphere. Not only it works like a protection cap for your locks but also heals the damage already caused by exposure to the sun, which in other words is called “ultraviolet radiation.” Shea butter coats your hair shaft and secures your hair against pollution for a long time frame. This ingredient is especially and tremendously beneficial for colored or processed hair.

Softens Hair

Shea butter is not like your regular shampoo, that you can stop using when it no longer works. You can utilize This cream a million times and it will always work for you. It repairs all the damaged parts of your hair, even protects it against chlorine and salt, when you are off to have a dip in the sea. Shea butter is a gem at revitalizing frizzy hair and has the aptitude to handle excess oil, clinging to your scalp. It balances the oil and hydration of your hair, keeping you level-headed.

How to Use?

You should try massaging your scalp with shea butter, every thrice or twice a week, as it exults in softening and enlivening your hair. Whatever your hair type might be, shea butter has cured for all.


In the end, all I can say is shea butter is an impeccable superfood for your hair that every person should try to get ahold of. I hope you will follow these tips to maintain an incredible mane that is free of dandruff and full of gloss.

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