What Causes Black Toenails: The Best Treatment for this

There are a lot of reasons and causes of blackened toenails. Most often than not, these causes will also lead you to the appropriate solution to treat your toenail quickly and effectively. Thus, it is important to get to the bottom of your toenail issue to come up with the best treatment.

This article will discuss the most common causes of black toenails and their possible cure. We will also tackle the symptoms and the individual characteristics of each condition to help you determine your toenail’s current state.

However, it is always best to consult your doctor to obtain professional advice and medication especially for extreme nail conditions which include ingrown toenails.

As we have established in the above section, there are some causes for black nails. Some of them may have difficulty determining your nail’s current condition. So, read on as we guide you for proper nail care. The following are the most common black nail causes:

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Toenail Fungus

The Black toenail is usually caused by the fungus which has infected your nails and has affected it some way. Few things that will help you distinguish a black toenail caused by trauma and fungi is the length of time that your nail has turned black and the present of unpleasant odour.

Black toenail caused by fungus is often seen in people with certain health conditions such as type 2 diabetes and other illnesses that weaken the immune system. Through the anti-fungal treatment step, this can be treated immediately.

Dermatophytes, the most common toenail fungus is often obtained in sweaty and humid environmental conditions and are often found in public comfort rooms, public baths and even in nail salons with tools that have not been properly sanitized.

Injury or Trauma

This is the most common cause of black toenails. The gathering of blood within the nails will cause it to look black or discoloured. Aside from the discolouration, one with an injured or traumatized toenail will experience a tremendous amount of pain, pressure, and discomfort.

For patients with discoloured nail caused by an injury or trauma, it is advised that you seek medical help the soonest possible time for the injured nail to be examined and to determine if there is a need for the nail to be removed.

One of the most common types of foot injury or trauma is the nail condition is which is medically known as Subungual Hematoma. This occurs when you have dropped heavy equipment directly to your nail which resulted in your blood vessels to burst and be damaged.

Letting your doctor prick the nail with a needle will help you drain out the blood from the nail and will eventually save you from inflammation and painful throbbing sensation.

Ill-fitting Footwear

Just like injuring your toenail, wearing ill-fitting footwear will not only cause discomfort but will also put intense pressure on your nails and may result in its discolouration.

Ill-fitting shoes do not promote proper breathing space for your nails and will most likely result for your entire feet to become sweaty and expose them to fungal infection.

It is very important that you should also take the necessary actions to ensure that the shoes which you will be using fits well with your feet and does not limit the space and air for your feet to breathe, relax and to freely move.

Skin Cancer

Melanoma, the rarest form of skin cancer can also affect and promote the discolouration of your nail. This is also the most serious form of cancer and often grows underneath the bed of your nail. Since melanoma grows slowly and painless, it could be very hard to detect.

Thus, it is very important to evaluate and remember if you have injured your toenails for some reason and if such discolouration extends to the cuticle. If it does, you should consult your doctor automatically to prevent further complications from happening.

Skin cancer may be complicated with a fungal infection as it would be easier for the fungi to enter your entire system especially if you have open wounds near your nails.


Amidst all the possible causes and treatments of the above-mentioned nail condition, nothing can still top the importance of practising proper nail care.

Now that we presented to you the possible reasons why you are experiencing blackened toenails, you are now more equipped as you take the next steps of treating your nail right and maintaining its overall health.

Our feet and nails are the most used body parts, yet they are the parts that are often taken for granted. We only hope that this article has awakened you to a cleaner and organized nail care. Let us hear your thoughts on this topic and drop your comments below!

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